Medway 2016

Please do not rely on the information here for navigational purposes.

This page contains resources used for the St Pancras Cruising Club expedition to the Medway in May/June 2016  – summary chart here.


  1. Navigational guides, tidetables and charts
  2. Moorings on the Tidal Medway
  3. Passage plan, schedule, charts and navigational aids for SPCC voyage in May 2016, and  return trip in June 2016
  4. Blogs, records of trips by others, other local information etc.


We spoke about our trip at the Thames Tideway Navigator’s Club on 22 March 2017. The Excel spreadsheets that were used to prepare the PDF passage plans (below) are now available: outbound and inbound. Please note that the documentation and logic of these spreadsheets are not as clear as they might be! If you need any help then please email me.


1. Navigational guides, tidetables and charts


2.  Moorings on the Tidal Medway


3. Proposed passage plan,  schedule and navigational aids for SPCC convoys in May and June 2016

a)  Documents added (20  March) on

b) Summary passage plan – 11th February version from Andy Spring. Revised and final version in newsletter of 10th May.

c)  Outward trip :

  • passage plan, charts and log final version, published 5th May. (Additional chart 2-E from Rochester Bridge (RB 00) to Allington lock: Google Earth photograph).  
  • Manifest – locking order, mooring positions

d) Return trip 

  • Friday 17th June: assemble at Queenborough for mandatory briefing at 1900
  • Saturday 18th June Queenborough to Bow. Early start at 0500 (LW Southend 0555)
  • Sunday 19th June: Contingency day (not needed)
  • Charts showing waypoints for return journey. (NB EAST BLYTH buoy is now a north cardinal marker, not a red can port hand marker).
  • Long and lat of inbound waypoints here
  • Passage plan (version 5) here
  • Manifest & guidance note here


4. Blogs, records of trips by others, other local information etc.

May 2016 vogages  to the Medway

  • My blog (nine boats) starts here
  • Indigo Dream’s blog (two boats) here
  • One of their visitors here
  • Sheila (a visitor on Bleasdale) here (includes a photo of my better side)
  • Article in Waterways World.

June 2016 return from the Medway (ten boats)

Local information sources:

Tuesday night club (2001):

Notes from a 1997 trip  Medway Notes

PLA videos:

St Pancras convoy to Gravesend – 2013  NEW:  Video taken from our safety boat MAJOR (esp about 5:30 onwards)

Shipping TV videos:

Lifeboats we may need to use:

Sailing videos (“keep turning left” website  – rather fun) – * shows some relevant sections

  • 14 (Medway and Stangate Creek) *
  • 15 (Barge sailing match)
  • 16 (Dutch raid etc)
  • 17 (Upper Medway pollution) *
  • 20 (Thames into London)
  • 21 (Thames in central London)
  • 22 (Crossing Thames Estuary) *

NEW:  With thanks to Dr Roger Squires, photos from the 1997 SPCC trip: part 1, part 2 and part 3 (each about 70MB). In dropbox, click on the three dots (top right) and then click on download and then go and get a cup of coffee before opening in powerpoint.

NEW: photos from a walk along the Hoo peninsula. Is that a rotting narrowboat?

NEW: RYA guidance on ferry gliding – we will be doing some of this. Also a kayaking video here.

NEW: local press coverage reminding us that the Isle of Sheppey is an island



First edition: 13 November 2015
Restructured: 9th February 2016
Reorganised after the event: 19th June 2016
Addition after TTNC meeting: 23 March 2017

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